Marietta is one place you can have the usual fun and experience. Yet, it has a lot of unusual attraction that will get you attention. Visit this link for more information.

Here are some of the  attraction in Marietta:

Big Chicken

Big Chicken is abstract roadside poultry that gets a lot of unusual attention here in Marietta. This poultry was saved from demolition by outraged drivers and pilots, hence it has become a wonder to many. Read about Museums in Marietta, GA  here.

The St. James Episcopal Cemetery

Another place that has gotten great attraction has to be the St. James Episcopal Cemetery. This cemetery Georgian cemetery is best known for the grave of the little girl whose murder on Christmas Day remains unsolved. Marietta is curious to find out where this young girl was buried, hence the so much attention given to the cemetery.

Sope Creek Paper Mill Ruins

This abandoned property seems to get unal attention from visitors. The ruins of the Sope Creek Paper Mill are one place to visit when in Marietta. The paper mill was destroyed during the Civil War. The thought of it still existing is likely to cause some level of euphoria.

When next you visit Marietta, try some unusual stuff by visiting these usual attractions.