Pavement maintenance can have a variety of meanings. From filling potholes to restriping to simple cleaning, maintaining your pavement is important for your property.  At DRYCO, we want to ensure that you know of all the best ways to maintain your property and the concept of pavement maintenance. Learn more here.

One goal all maintenance activities have in common is extending the life of the pavement. Keeping up with pavement maintenance costs down is helpful to the success and viability of the design. That doesn’t necessarily mean that maintenance should be less frequent, but the maintenance activities must be cost-effective. Learn more about Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Asphalt Pavement.

In a recent article from Pavement Interactive, they break down the different categories of pavement maintenance.

Pavement preservation: Programs and activities employing a network level l strategy enhance pavement performance by using an integrated, cost-effective set of practices that extend pavement life, improve safety, and meet road user expectations.

Pavement rehabilitation: Structural enhancements that extend the service life of the existing pavement and/or improve its load-carrying capacity.

Pavement reconstruction: Replacement of the entire existing pavement structure by the placement of the equivalent or increased pavement structure.