Food is an e aspect of any city. Searching for good restaurants may be seen as a task when in a new environment. Here is a shortlist of some good restaurants in Marietta. Click here for facts about Marietta, GA.

The Hoboken Café

The Hoboken Café is located on Whitlock Avenue. The café is named after the area of Hoboken. Hoboken was also the birthplace of several famous entertainers and was home to immigrants from all over the world. The history of Hoboken influenced the inspiration behind this beautiful café. This café reflection of Neapolitan-style specialties that are dominant in parts of Hoboken. These traditional reflects in the menu. The popular favorite includes parmesan chicken, Italian sausage and peppers and onions, and also cheesecake. Click here to read about Parks in Marietta.


Kiosco remains one of the best eateries in Marietta. Serving up the best of Colombian cuisine at reasonable prices, this happens to be the best part of this restaurant. Its affordability has made it top the list of many. Their menu is known for their use of sweet plantains, which accentuate their dishes’ flavors. When next you visit Marietta, Try their Colombian tamale, seafood paella, and grilled steak with plantains and avocado. Although small in size and minimal in décor, Kiosco is big on flavor. For a more intimate but wholesome dining experience, Kiosco is the place to visit in Marietta.