Parks are great places to have fun. Marietta is lucky to have lots of parks. Here is the list of some amazing parks you will love. See more here.

Old Mill Park

Old Mill Park is one lark that is easily accessible. It also has a lot of parking space. One of the activities that can be done there is driving around to cool off. Cycling is another activity that can be done in Old Mill Park. See here for information about Places to spend leisure time in Marietta.

Henry Memorial Park

Henry Memorial Park is a beautiful and peaceful park that will help make you relaxed while watching the beauty of nature.

Laurel Park

Laurel Park offers two different sets of playground equipment. One for big kids and one for smaller kids. It is a park that is loved by kids a lot.

Smith-Gilbert Gardens

Smith-Gilbert Gardens is a stunning garden where you can find lots of beautiful flowers and have a nice time.

Larry Bell Park

Larry Bell Park is a park known for a baseball diamond. The park is always kept clean, and it a great place to have so much fun.

Mabry Park

It is a nice play area for kids, and walking trails & a lake. It does get extremely hot during the middle of the day, but it’s a perfect place to spend leisure time.