Parking Lot Resurfacing Marietta GA

Marietta Paving Pros is a trained, licensed, insured, and bonded paving company in Marietta, GA. Our crew specializes in parking lot paving and resurfacing in Marietta. Our job is to provide premium customer service and the best outcome for your parking lot all at a reasonable cost to you.  

Residential, Commercial and Specialized Parking Lot Paving in Marietta  

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As your go-to parking lot paving company, we proudly extend our services to both commercial and residential clients in Marietta, GA. Make sure your parking lot provides a smooth experience for your customers with our repair and resurfacing services.  

Brand New Parking Lot Paving  

For countless years we have the paving contractors to trust for new construction parking lo paving services. Before we start the paving process, we consult with your team to ensure the result is exactly what you’re looking for.  

Parking Lot Replacement Services  

Does your parking lot require replacement asphalt? If so, then we can help. Our reliable and speedy team of asphalt paving contractors will quickly replace your parking lot, saving you time and money. Give us a call for a free estimate.  

Private Roadways  

There are countless features of private roadways that you have to consider before paving or repairing them. We provide extensive resurfacing services to keep your private roadway in excellent condition. Give our asphalt contractors a call for a free estimate.  

Whether you need professional asphalt paving contractors to repair potholes, resurface your asphalt, or simply provide a consultation, Marietta Paving Pros can help. Reach out to our top rated asphalt paving company in Marietta, GA to learn more about our services.  

Advanced Commercial Parking Lot Services in Marietta  

Don’t let your parking lot leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouth. Instead, select Marietta Paving Pros to be your asphalt paving contractors of choice.  

Resurface Your Parking Lot  

Resurfacing your parking lot is a great way to save on your asphalt paving budget without sacrificing the quality of your property. If you want the best parking lot resurfacing services in Marietta, GA give Marietta Paving Pros a call for a free estimate.  

Thorough Parking Lot Repairs  

If your parking lot is suffering from countless potholes, cracks, or needs to be restriped, our professional asphalt paving contractors are the team to choose. Let us handle your parking lot repairs.  

Make sure your commercial parking lot or driveway is always in the best shape with our professional paving services. From consulting to advanced repairs and sealcoating, we can do it all for an affordable price point. Contact Marietta Paving Pros for a free quote.  

Marietta Paving Pros Parking Lot Resurfacing  

For countless years we have helped commercial properties maintain and attractive finish. Our asphalt paving services keep your parking lot in excellent condition a year long. Read our reviews to learn more and contact us for a free quote.  

Preparing Your Asphalt  

The first step to resurfacing your asphalt is prepping your property. We also level the asphalt to prepare it for a new layer of asphalt. Our trained crew takes this step very seriously.  


We grind all transition areas and adjust drainage structures to ensure your parking lot is ready to move forward to the next step. At Marietta Paving Pros, we have all the tools necessary to get this process done.  

Laying Down Asphalt  

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The next phase is simply adding asphalt to your parking lot or driveway. We use the best asphalt materials possible to guarantee a high quality finish.  

As some of the top rated paving contractors in Marietta, GA, we specialize in all your resurfacing and repair needs for your asphalt. From driveways to private roadways to parking lots, we do it all. Contact us for a free price estimate for your asphalt in Marietta, GA.  

If you are in need of a new parking lot or your existing parking lot needs to be resurfaced then we will be happy to provide a free estimate to complete the work.