There are a lot of great and amazing places to visit when in Marietta. The Museums in Marietta are some of the places that will leave you with a lot of memories. Marietta, GA can be seen here.

Here are some of the museum’s everyone who visits Marietta needs to visit:

Gone with the Wind Museum

Gone with the wind museum is one of the top museums that will leave you blown away. Scarlett on the square has an extensive collection of Gone with the wind memorabilia, and it also features the sight and sounds of Atlanta during the Civil War. Click here to read about Fun Things To Do in Marietta, GA.

Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art

The Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art is a beautiful museum that features a lot of fine art. The arts featured in this museum focus mostly on American Art. It features a collection of American art throughout the year.

Marietta Fire Museum

The Marietta Fire Museum is one museum that will leave you amazed and excited. This museum features a collection of an item that has been used by Marietta fire department since the 1800s. The collection is a combination of so many things, including vehicles, clothing, equipment and so many other things. What to know more about the fire department this is the museum to visit.