Marietta Welcome Center & Visitor’s Bureau

At Marietta Welcome Center & Visitor’s Bureau, visitors are provided with useful information concerning their stay in the area. The staff at Marietta are welcoming and knowledgeable. More can be found here.

Monster Mini Golf

Monster Mini Golf is a local 18 hole miniature golf course designed along with the glow-in-the-dark monster theme and is fun for anyone who loves golf, irrespective of their age. The facility also includes an art arcade game area, and it’s very serene. Learn more about Affordable Places in Marietta, GA.

NCG Marietta Cinemas

NCG Marietta Cinemas is a movie cinema that shows first-run Hollywood movies. The theater features digital video and sound that will keep you entertained for as long as you choose. And it’s a very affordable place to have fun.

Gone With the Wind Movie Museum 

Gone With the Wind Movie Museum is a place that allows visitors to explore a variety of movie memorabilia which includes preserved movie scripts and posters, informative exhibits about the African American cast, and amazing costumes used by great actors. This museum is a place for movie lovers who want to experience what it takes to create the craft. Hence it is an inexpensive place to have great fun in Marietta.