Festivals are a part of people’s culture. It is a way people celebrate their culture that uniqueness. In Marietta, festivals are a big deal. Here are some of the festivals that happen in Marietta. Learn more here.

Marietta Greek Festival

This is one of the most talked-about festivals in Marietta. This is also one of the most anticipated festivals in Marietta. There are lots of this to enjoy from this festival, yet the variety of food is one of the festival’s most fantastic aspects. Learn more about Restaurants to Visit in Marietta.

Taste of Marietta

Is a food festival that allows people to display different kinds of foods. When coming to this festival, ensure you come ready to have a good eat and of course have a good time.

“This was my first Taste of Marietta! I had a wonderful time sampling all the food at the many different restaurants. Now I have some kind of idea of how much fun this festival is.”

Marietta Streetfest

Marietta Streetfest is another fun festival that includes a lot of displays of art and culture. This festival has grown from being just a small festival to a and well-organized one.  

Festivals are great opportunities to participate in different people’s cultures.